Why this site?

This site exists solely to assist homeowners that have a Potterton Suprima boiler installed and are experiencing problems with it.

This site is not run by qualified plumbers or electricians, but by homeowners who have had problems with their Suprima boilers and wish to help other owners solve their problems as efficiently as possible.

You are not alone

As you will see from the sites on our Links page you are most definitely not alone if you are experiencing problems with your Suprima boiler. These boilers are installed into thousands of new homes each year. If your home has this boiler installed then it is likely that your neighbours do too and that they are also experiencing the problems shown on this site. You may be suprised to find out just how many people do have problems and I'm sure you will be suprised by the fact that Potterton themselves refuse to admit that the Suprima range of boilers have any problems...

What do we offer?

We aim to offer help and advice to assist homeowners fix their suprima boilers. We are not qualified tradespersons and any advice given on this site should be taken in conjunction with that provided by your CORGI registered heating engineer. In other words don't take the engineers word for it that you need a new boiler until you have investigated the problems and fixes shown on this site and the sites on our links page !! 

UPDATE : Links to an article on the BBC's Watchdog site and sample claim letters now available from the Links page.



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